What is the proper age to start hockey?
Most kids begin skating between the ages of 4 and 8 years old, however there are programs for older children to begin hockey and there are even programs for adults who've never played the game before.


Is hockey for girls too?
Absolutely.  We have many girls in our hockey programs playing with boys and/or all girls teams.


Does my child need to know how to skate before starting?
No. Many of our first year players have never even been on the ice.  Our coaches are trained and certified to teach skating , stick handling, puck control, passing and shooting.


When do players start traveling?
Our travel teams begin at 9 years old, however there opportunities for younger players to participate in competitive hockey.

  • Players in our Intro to Hockey Doodle Bugs program can play with our 8U Prep team. 
  • Players in our 8U Mite program can play for either our 7U Red or 8U Red team. Players on these team tend to move onto AAA or AA travel teams as they get older.