Q: What will the uniforms look like?

A: Just like the Rochester Americans AHL team. Check out a sneak peek on instagram.


Q: What color helmets will we wear as Jr Amerks?

A: Royal Blue. Same color as Rochester Americans AHL team.


Q: Do house players have to order new helmets, gloves and pants/shells?

A: No. There is no requirement for house players to purchase new helmets, gloves or pants/shells to match our new uniforms. However, no other team logo may be displayed on player equipment other than the Rochester Jr. Americans logo. 


Q: Why do house players only have one game jersey this season?

A: In order to keep down the cost of uniforms and apparel in our house program, players only need to purchase a blue Jr. Amerks game jersey this year. Players will also purchase a white practice jersey that includes a number. This practice jersey will serve as an alternate game jersey if needed. Teams may also choose to add player names to the practice jerseys for an additional cost.


Q: How do house players choose jersey numbers?

All house jersey orders will be placed without numbers. Once house teams are formed, numbers will be determined and jerseys will be personalized. 


Q: When will I receive my order?

A: We expect travel team apparel packages to arrive in August before games begin. Team managers will be notified when orders arrive and will distribute them to the team. House apparel packages may arrive later, but we expect uniforms and apparel to arrive before the season begins.


Q: Who can I contact with additional questions about uniforms and apparel?

A: Please contact us directly at uniforms@jramerks.com.