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Slapshot Challenge 2022

Kyle’s Slap Shot Challenge 3v3 Fundraising Tournament & Festival is open to all 8U-18U Jr. Amerks players. The tournament will take place on Saturday, July 30, at Rochester Ice Center

8U Team Rosters









  1. Lucy Anderson
  2. Camden Baker
  3. Connor Brown
  4. Jacob Fabrizi
  5. Emily Hensel
  6. Tessa Hunt
  1. Owen Kelley
  2. Augustys Kelly
  3. Norah Palo
  4. Maelena Topor
  5. Brody Palo
  1. Keegan Curran
  2. Graeme Curran
  3. Jace Marini
  4. Holden Neable
  5. Peter Maskelony
  1. Wynn Abbott
  2. James Adams
  3. Henry Pellittiere
  4. Jaxson Yudichak
  5. Blake Wallgren
  1. JacksonBrado
  2. RobertMichielsen
  3. SkaweriioMartin
  4. NathanSmith


8U Division Schedule

  Scoreboard Side Zamboni Side
Division Time Rink Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White) Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White)
8U 09:10 West 29- Wakaluk 30- Wiemer 31- Armstrong 32- Horvath
8U 09:40 West 29- Wakaluk 31- Armstrong 30- Wiemer 32- Horvath
8U 10:10 West 29- Wakaluk 32- Horvath 30- Wiemer 31- Armstrong
8U 10:40 West

Slapshot Challenge (All Players)

10U Team Rosters









  1. Connor Curran
  2. Austin Driscoll
  3. Benjamin Shepard
  4. Frank Smith
  5. Nash Willson
  6. Drew Wormley
  1. Owen Kelley
  2. Augustys Kelly
  3. Norah Palo
  4. Maelena Topor
  5. Brody Palo
  1. Keegan Curran
  2. Graeme Curran
  3. Jace Marini
  4. Holden Neable
  5. Peter Maskelony
  1. Wynn Abbott
  2. James Adams
  3. Henry Pellittiere
  4. Jaxson Yudichak
  5. Blake Wallgren
  1. Jackson Brado
  2. Robert Michielsen
  3. Skaweriio Martin
  4. Nathan Smith









  1. Nicholas Anderson
  2. Catherine Hogan
  3. Eleanor Johnson
  4. Harrison Mantell
  5. Gabrielle Parker
  6. Evan Steinorth
  1. Julian Bannon
  2. Rory Sheils
  3. Aiden Shoemaker
  4. Sean Smith
  5. Brody Wallgren
  1. Vincent Ferreri
  2. Vincent Perrello
  3. Vincent Scibetta
  4. Dominick Scibetta
  5. Charles Scibetta
  6. Braxton George
  1. Lucy Barbato
  2. Joshua Mantell
  3. Arianna Raman
  4. Sunil Raman
  5. Colton eed
  6. Liam Reinholtz


10U Division Schedule

  Scoreboard Side Non-scoreboard Side
Division Time Rink Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White) Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White)
10U 09:30 East 1- Bednarski 2- Biron 3- Charron 4- Cheevers
10U 10:00 East 5- Cherry 6- Cloutier 7- Cunneyworth 8- Dunn
10U 10:30 East 1- Bednarski 4- Cheevers 3- Charron 6- Cloutier
11:00 Ice Cut
10U 11:10 East 5- Cherry 8- Dunn 7- Cunneyworth 2- Biron
10U 11:40 East 1- Bednarski 6- Cloutier 3- Charron 8- Dunn
10U 12:10 East 5- Cherry 2- Biron 7- Cunneyworth 4- Cheevers
10U 12:40 East

Slapshot Challenge (All players)

12U Team Rosters









  1. Emmett Decarolis
  2. Cristian Fiorillo
  3. Daniel Halter
  4. Dan Napieralski
  5. Peter Tamoutselis
  6. Gavin Whalen
  7. Harvey Wilcox
  1. Mckinley Curran
  2. Isabella Dadson
  3. Wyatt Flannery
  4. Holden Mantell
  5. Ivan Seablom
  6. Noah Topor
  7. Ryan May
  1. Jackson Baer
  2. Connor Hallock
  3. Josh Koles
  4. Austin Magierski
  5. Liam O'Donnell
  6. William Ruggieri
  7. Nicholas Zissis
  1. David Insalaco
  2. Jack Marinucci
  3. Anderson Mcharg
  4. Nathaniel Orsen
  5. Chase Rash
  6. Ava Weber
  7. Rylie Weber
  1. Kaleb Bolster
  2. Noah Debkowski
  3. Aiden Gough
  4. John Hensel
  5. Henry Mertz
  6. Katherine Swing









  1. Drew Amborski
  2. Ryan Brown
  3. Ryan Garsin
  4. Ham Laver
  5. Andrew Nichols
  6. Bear Wehrheim
  7. Abram Zion
  1. Sullivan Allen
  2. Maxwell Gause
  3. Nor aMacBride
  4. Emily Mertz
  5. Jackson Vasile
  6. Trevor Hunt
  1. Carter Cuzzupoli
  2. Trevor Haugh
  3. Garrett Moravec
  4. Julian Voica
  5. Chase Zander
  6. Elliott West
  1. Christian Debkowski
  2. Brady Driscoll
  3. Maxwell Gough
  4. Ethan Huchzermeier
  5. Cole Koomen
  6. Colin Mancuso
  7. Aiden Phillips


12U Division Schedule

  Scoreboard Side Zamboni Side
Division Time Rink Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White) Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White)
12U 11:20 West 9- Frawley 10- Gage 11- Gamble 12- Hillman
12U 11:50 West 13- Hofford 14- Houda 15- Hurlbut 16- Jackson
12U 12:20 West 9- Frawley 12- Hillman 11- Gamble 14- Houda
12:50 Ice Cut
12U 01:00 West 13- Hofford 16- Jackson 15- Hurlbut 10- Gage
12U 01:30 West 9- Frawley 14- Houda 11- Gamble 16- Jackson
12U 02:00 West 13- Hofford 10- Gage 15- Hurlbut 12- Hillman
12U 02:30 West

Slapshot Challenge (All players)

14U Team Rosters









  1. Douglas Blalock
  2. Gavin Guenot
  3. Aiden Paul
  4. Casey Reagan
  5. Boden Ristau
  1. Kelton Everett
  2. Matthew Haugh
  3. Michael Helfner
  4. Garrett Martin
  5. Dominic Sanchez
  6. Jonny May
  1. Ryan Allen
  2. Sarah Hensel
  3. Liam Kivimaki
  4. Paxton Landon
  5. Evan Weiner
  6. Chase Brock
  1. Teron Bacon
  2. Kody Bortle
  3. Matthew Napieralski
  4. Charles Paprocki
  5. Owen Sergeant
  1. Dale Bissi
  2. Dominic Diciaccio
  3. Blake Laney
  4. Matthew Marshall
  5. Matthew Ulrich
  6. Chase Wallner
  7. Nathan Zimmerman









  1. Alexander Bielecki Jr
  2. Ian Garlapow
  3. Patrick Rohr
  4. Jake Sansoucie
  5. Eamon Smith
  6. Eli Weingart
  1. Ryan Adams
  2. Teo Carley
  3. Jake Middlebrook
  4. Thomas Pane
  5. Kaiyin Sangosanya
  6. Jackson Thomas
  1. Sean Allen
  2. Aaron Berner
  3. Azare Carstairs
  4. Aidan Harris
  5. Connor Pace
  6. Owen Wittmeyer
  1. Landon Brown
  2. Owen Harris
  3. Niko Schouten
  4. Colin Yudichak
  5. Owen Yudichak
  6. Jace Wilkins


14U Division Schedule

  Scoreboard Side Non-scoreboard Side
Division Time Rink Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White) Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White)
14U 01:20 East 17- Janik 18- Langdon 19- McSween 20- Metcalfe
14U 01:50 East 21- Nichol 22- Orlando 23- Pagnutti 24- Pittis
14U 02:20 East 17- Janik 20- Metcalfe 19- McSween 22- Orlando
2:50 Ice Cut
14U 03:00 East 21- Nichol 24- Pittis 23- Pagnutti 18- Langdon
14U 03:30 East 17- Janik 22- Orlando 19- McSween 24- Pittis
14U 04:00 East 21- Nichol 18- Langdon 23- Pagnutti 20- Metcalfe
14U 04:30 East

Slapshot Challenge (All players)

18U Team Rosters








Van Boxmeer

  1. Anthony Fiumara
  2. Caden Guenot
  3. Harrison Harrison
  4. Kevin Paiement
  5. Oliver Kowal
  1. Cole Flannery
  2. Caleb Clark
  3. Tyler Osypian
  4. Scott Wagner 
  5. Noah Wyman
  1. Grant Grigaitis
  2. Bradley Craven
  3. Joshua DiPalma
  4. Joseph Hillier
  5. Ryder ames
  1. Jacob Benne
  2. Ian Kloiber
  3. Jacob Koles
  4. Daniel Lindemann
  5. Theodore Paprocki
  1. Michael Cerone
  2. John Houppert
  3. Nathan MacBride
  4. Connor McRae
  5. Hayden Shelton


18U Division Schedule

  Scoreboard Side Zamboni Side
Division Time Rink Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White) Home (Blue/Dark) Away (White)
18U 03:10 West

Slapshot Challenge (all players)

18U 03:40 West 25- Puppa 26- Robertson 27- Taylor 28- Van Boxmeer
18U 04:10 West 25- Puppa 27- Taylor 26- Robertson 28- Van Boxmeer
18U 04:40 West 25- Puppa 28- Van Boxmeer 26- Robertson 27- Taylor

Tournament Details

  1. Registered players will be assigned a team, and will play at their current level for the 2022-23 season.  Teams will be assigned to one of the following divisions: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U.

  2. Teams will consist of 4-8 players, three of which are on the ice at a time.  Free substitution is allowed.  Players must be within 10 feet of players’ area before making the substitution.

  3. Games are played on a single ½ sheet of ice with one goalie.  Similar to a half-court basketball  game.

  4. Games will consist of three, six minute run time periods.  The clock will stop for injury, penalty shots, or if the referee deems it necessary.  No timeouts are allowed in any game.

  5. A coin flip will be held at the start of each game.  Home team will call the coin flip.  Winner of the flip will have their choice of puck possession at the start of the 1st and 3rd periods or puck possession at the start of the second period and the choice of shooting first or second if a shootout is required.

  6. The cross-ice dividers are out of bounds.  If the puck touches the dividers, possession will be awarded to the team opposite of the team that touched the puck last.  Players must also remain on their side of the dividers or loss of possession will occur.

  7. The puck must be cleared outside the blue line with each change in possession.  The referee will signal the offensive/defensive change and allow the attacking team five (5) seconds of free time in the neutral zone.  The offensive team must re-enter the offensive zone within this 5-second period or loss of possession will occur.  During this time, all attacking players must tag up in the neutral zone (one skate outside the blue line).  Once touching up, the player may re-enter the attacking zone. 

  8. No offside rule is in effect.  The referee will stop play if a player fails to tag up and actively joins the play. 

  9. Defensive players cannot force the play in the neutral zone during the 5-second free period.  One warning will be given for this infraction.  The second occurrence will result in a penalty.  If the defensive team fails to legally clear the puck and resumes play on the attack, the play will immediately be blown dead by the official and the puck awarded to the other team.

  10. If an uncontrolled puck crosses the blue line into the neutral zone, control of the puck will be awarded to the first team to touch the puck.  The referee will award the puck and start count on the 5-second free time for attacking players to tag up and re-enter play. 

  11. A team which leaves the neutral zone and then re-enters it to delay play will be warned by the referee and then on subsequent infractions will lose possession of the puck.

  12. Goals scored by the defensive team will result in a goal for the offense.

  13. The puck may not be shot on net from the neutral zone (outside the blue line).

  14. When the goalie freezes the puck resulting in a stoppage of play, possession will be awarded to the defensive team into the neutral zone.

  15. Play will be stopped on a penalty according to USA Hockey rules.  On the first penalty of the period, the puck will be awarded in the neutral zone to the non-offending team.  Every subsequent penalty charged to the same team, in that period, will result in a penalty shot.  Non-major penalties will be counted as one penalty.  Major penalties will count as two penalties and result in a penalty shot.  The person fouled will take the penalty shot.  If a goal is scored on a penalty shot, the puck changes possession.  If a goal is not scored on the penalty shot, play immediately resumes and the puck is live.  Players not taking the penalty shot must remain behind the blue line until the shot has been taken.  If a goal is scored during a delayed penalty call, the goal will count and no penalty will be assessed.  A penalty by the goalie will count against the defending team.  Three penalties by any goalie during the entire tournament will result in the disqualification of the goalie.  A team will forfeit any game in which the commit eight penalties.  If there are coincidental penalties which both result in penalty shots, the team in possession of the puck will shoot last.  The puck will be dead after the 1st penalty shot.  Teams will then line up at the blue line and the puck will be live after the 2nd team shoots.

  16. No checking is allowed at any level.  

  17. Ties will be settled by a shootout.  All  players on a team will shoot alternating shots with the most goals winning.  If the score is still tied after the first round, the shootout will continue on a sudden death basis.  All  players will continue to participate in the same order until one team scores and the other team does not.  Again, both teams will have equal number of chances in the second shootout, but the first team to score with an opponent miss, wins the game.

  18. Coaches and players, know the rules of the tournament.  Challenges must be made immediately.  The decision of the on ice official is final.  If a challenge is made during the play, the game clock will be stopped.